2 May 2023

Announcing our partnership with WP Engine

Jambi Digital is now a proud partner of WP Engine – the world’s leading WordPress hosting platform


Jambi Digital is now a proud partner of WP Engine – the world’s leading WordPress hosting platform.  If you don’t host your website with us there are now many reasons to do so. If you already do host your site with us, this post will explain what’s going to change. 

Why change things at all, and why WP Engine?

The reason Jambi wanted to change to WP Engine was to be able to offer a more complete and thorough hosting service to our WordPress clients specifically. Over the last five years, we have used AWS for hosting WordPress sites, and we’ll continue to use AWS for some projects. However, unlike AWS, WP Engine is tailor-made for the WordPress platform, and this results in an unrivalled web hosting service in terms of uptime, speed, and security for WordPress sites. 

What will change?

From the point of view of your website’s visitors, not much. A site hosted on WP Engine will be faster than if it was hosted on AWS, so you and the visitors to your site may notice a speed boost after it has migrated. 

Will this result in any downtime?

For most sites, no. For e-commerce sites, we will need to disable checkouts for a short period of time whilst we complete the final migration steps from AWS to WP Engine. This shouldn’t be for more than a couple of hours and we can plan so it happens at a convenient time for you and your customers. 

Do you need anything from me?

We need your help with one thing – repointing your website’s domain to WP Engine. This requires access to the online store the domain was originally purchased from, like GoDaddy, Namecheap, or 123-reg.

We can take care of everything else and there will be no one-off migration to pay.

What about my contract and payments – will these change at all?

Any existing contract terms will be honoured – there won’t be any mid-contract price changes. However, if you choose to renew your contract with us there will likely be an increase in costs compared to the previous period. There are two reasons for this. The first is an unavoidable increase in cost that web hosting – and most other online services – is currently susceptible to. Had Jambi continued to host WordPress sites on AWS, or chosen any other hosting platform instead of WP Engine, there would have likely have been an increase in costs as well. 

The second set of reasons is more pertinent to WP Engine. There are a number of features WP Engine offer that we feel justify an increase in price. This includes a caching system to increase page load times and SEO scores, easy cloning between staging and production environments, 24/7 technical support from WP Engine, a page redirect manager, fast backup restoring, automated deployments and even more. 

What should I do now?

After spending the last few months researching and speaking to WordPress hosting providers we feel that WP Engine is comfortably the best option. We wouldn’t be suggesting it otherwise. If you have any questions please do get in touch – we’ll be happy to help. Otherwise, we’ll aim to get your site transferred as quickly as possible. 

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