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ITV Social Purpose Consultation

On this project, Kin&Co worked closely with ITV to refine the online presentation of their social purpose programme. To do that most effectively, Kin&Co brought us on board to provide some technical consultation to ensure their vision was possible within the established ITV digital presence.

We were able to get stuck in with Kin&Co, understand the objectives, and shed some much-needed light and make our own recommendations when it came to the technical areas.

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For example, Kin&Co needed to understand how any changes they made could affect the site’s technical SEO status. We were able to explain this to them and how to avoid some pitfalls.

We were also able to make suggestions of our own to help ITV’s presence. For example, some areas of ITV’s web pages could have been improved for SEO and also made more accessible, so we were able to suggest ways to improve this.

We produced a report detailing all our recommendations and findings and also created visual mockups of some key pages to help the project.


Dogs Trust Social Media Quiz

UK-based dog rehoming and sponsoring charity Dogs Trust launched a behavioural change campaign focusing on responsible dog ownership in South East London. Part of this campaign included directing people to a new landing page on the main Dogs Trust website through a number of marketing drives.

The landing page acted as an index page for visitors to find more information on dog ownership in the area. It also included the ‘canine compatibility test’ – a multi-part quiz that told visitors if they were ready to adopt a dog and allowed them to share their results on Facebook. We built the canine quiz and, we can’t lie, ended up desperate to adopt a dachshund.

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We started by providing a thorough technical consultation. We advised on how the Facebook sharing element should work, and how best to host the quiz. We provided a full technical user journey detailing exactly what would happen when a user commenced the quiz, how the quiz results were calculated, and how the Facebook sharing element would work as well.

Aside from building the quiz in its entirety to the designs supplied, we also added full Google Analytics support allowing the Dogs Trust team to see key metrics such as how many people started and finished the quiz, the number of times an answer is given, and how many times results are shared on Facebook.

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