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London Sport Strategy Report 2021

We were asked to team up with Studio Gomori to help produce an online version of London Sport’s Strategy report for 2021. London Sport focuses on improving the wellbeing of London’s residents by introducing them to, and facilitating, sport and physical activity across the city. Studio Gomori had produced a PDF version of the report before handing it to us to adapt onto the web.

img pattern

Translating from PDF to the web can be a bit fiddly. The main reason for this is that a PDF has a fixed size, whereas a web page varies in size from mobiles right up to 4k desktops. Nothing we couldn’t handle of course, but something that had to be kept in mind throughout. We also wanted to bring in some nice movement to it – you’ll see that content flows in subtly as the visitor scrolls down the page. This is a nice touch and something that can’t be done in a PDF.

Our first version was a stand-alone HTML, CSS and Javascript web page. Once everyone was happy with how it was looking we integrated it with the rest of the WordPress site.

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